The Same-sex Conundrum

When you approach the subject of same-sex marriage there is no way to humanly conceive the innumerable ways in which what you say will be taken, twisted, misunderstood or judged. Any person who holds a biblical worldview of marriage and attempts to express those views is usually met with the censorship of political correctness or the one size fits all charge of being judgmental. Both of these ideas work like gag orders to keep silent those who have an allegiance to the Christian model. This censorship even extends beyond the individual to business. Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy recently invited an avalanche of negative press against his business by taking a stand for the Christian position of marriage being between a man and a woman. As quick as you could snap your finger the criticism from the more progressive minds among us began vitriolic attacks on Mr. Cathy, his family, and establishment. His experience is far from isolated as the same-sex debate wages on in this country. While I intend to comment on the subject as well, I feel it is more important to address the environment in which we are having this debate. Gay marriage is just one subject of many thrown into the agitator of moral relativity that seems to be preventing us from getting an honest hold on anything nowadays. This is important because no society can successfully navigate the maze of human nature and its many desires without a clear understanding of what the truth is and our responsibility to it.  Moral relativity makes truth elusive. It does so by putting the locus of decision for what truth is in the hands of men. Hence the fashionable mantra that has pervaded this generation of “living your own truth.” Of course when men decide what is truth it will always end favoring their own desires or wishes. Lets suppose moral relativity is “true” and there is no objective moral law or objective figure i.e. God to make the law. Would we have grounds to convict the homicidal exploits of mad men like James Holmes? Maybe he was living out his truth and it required that others not live to do so? What standing would we have to require child support of delinquent parents or responsibility of citizens not to take what belongs to someone else? If what is moral is to be decided arbitrarily in the minds of men without the intervention of an objective law giver to determine what is good or evil then all men will judge their actions as justifiable. If there is no umpire to officiate over what are balls or strikes who do you let call them, the pitcher or the man at bat? You see a world without moral absolutes offers nothing to judge between the competing interest of men. So in a society of relativism you see a magnification of desire. With slogans like “Do you!”, “Obey your thirst” and the aforementioned “Live your truth” it is no surprise to see a generation of hyper-consumption, overt sexualization, and obsessive indulgences of all kinds, as they search for truth in following their passions. Unbridled desire becomes the requisite for any society who chooses to abandon moral absolutes and attempts to decide what truth is on their own.

So the question of our times is what is the truth and where can it be found? From the music we hear to the curriculum taught in our universities men are challenging where truth lies. They would have us to believe that we can’t find it.  Their doctrine can be summed up in a simple line, “Believe whatever you want to believe as long as you don’t believe it is the truth! How convenient for men to want a truth-less world, for in it we never have to feel conviction or come to terms with being wrong. It is out of this complex sociocultural mindset that we see a tremendous challenge being posed against the gospel of Jesus Christ given His claims to be the absolute truth. And consequently it is in this environment that we see the subject of same-sex marriage growing in contention.  (to be continued)

–Iran Pitre

3 Responses to “The Same-sex Conundrum”

  1. Keidrick Elijah

    This some real good stuff, very deep and eyeopening. Keep them coming. Blessing Peace


  2. PLB

    Truth my brother. God bless your courage and willingness to share this, may He grant you a greater sphere of influence.


  3. Dene Bonner

    I don’t see measures of sin in my bible, God’s word says that All unrighteousness is sin, while I totally disagree with the act, my question is how are we as Christians to win those that are “lost” if all we do is put our foot on their heads? God said “Let the wheat and tare grow together and in harvest time I will do the separating”. We need to remember jesus told us to go fishing he never told us to clean any.



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