Let Conscience Be Our Guide


“For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, And hewn themselves cisterns—broken cisterns that can hold no water.”    -Jeremiah 2:13

Another tragedy has unfolded.  This time the majority of the victims were small children whose futures were bright with anticipation of what could be.  Unfortunately, their young lives were snuffed out alongside teachers and administrators who undoubtedly had no reason to believe that their lives would be in danger that Friday morning.  Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to the parents and loved ones affected.

Crisis always tests the conscience. When tragic situations arise our visceral response says a lot about us.  In an attempt to begin sorting out our feelings the question “why” is always the first to be raised.  With raw emotion people tend to begin looking outward to assign blame.  In many cases the drunkard who kills driving recklessly will blame any person, place or thing that takes the onus off of his/her shoulders.  Consider these headlines straight from the Google search… “Woman Blames GPS for Drunk Driving Crash”, “Thief Blames Victim for Burglary”, “Mother Blames Ghost for Children’s Slaying” and on and on it goes. Granted these examples identify where the perpetrator chooses to affix blame but we as a society assign blame too.  All too often, in an effort to remain non-judgmental, the court of public opinion charges inanimate objects (guns, drugs, etc) or other people (absentee fathers/mothers) for the behavior of those committing shameful acts of violence against their fellow-man. (See post:  Judging Judgment)  However convenient these scapegoats may be the depravity of humanity begins and ends with the man or woman enslaved by it.  Personal responsibility is just that…personal and only a personal relationship with a personal Savior can fix the crisis of violence and contempt that our Godless culture has created. The horror at Sandy Hook elementary has heightened our sensitivity because of the youth and innocence of the majority of its victims.  However, our sensibilities should have long since been awakened to the growing brutality and inhumanity in our nation.  A nation that chooses to forget God will neither prosper nor know peace. C.S Lewis put it this way, “God cannot give us a happiness or peace apart from Himself, because it is not there.  There is no such thing.”

Our security and safety do not lie in the legislative arm of Congress or the executive powers of the President.  As a cacophony of voices begin to echo for changes to mental health laws and gun control laws let us not play the fool.  No amount of legislation will prevent hopeless people from acting out irrationally and irreverently at the people and systems that they believe impede their ability to attain happiness.  As we look to institutions to enact rules and regulations to guide moral conduct we ignore the immediate salve that has already been provided to us by a benevolent Father God.  As we eschew His laws summed up quite nicely in ten neat commandments we prefer to come up with our own relative solutions which by application prove to be less and less of a solution as time goes by.  Heinous crimes are committed each and every day.  As many around the nation approved legalization of marijuana a story of a mother who beheaded her two year old son while high on marijuana laced with PCP was just published two weeks ago.  Is weed guilty of the death of this precious baby boy? Should we charge weed with 1st degree homicide? (article)

What about the young man who killed his dad with a bow and arrow in front of his dad’s college class? This was after he fatally stabbed his dad’s girlfriend.  After killing his father he turned the knife on himself.  Are we going to lobby for a bow and arrow ban?  Or maybe we should ask that all knives be turned in to the federal government.  (article)

You may wonder what my point is.  Here it is.  The only answer for sin is a Savior.  There is no amount of small laws that can correct a heart defect.  Our unwillingness to acknowledge that man is imperfect and in need of a redeemer will continue to lead us down paths of lunacy that only serve to create further victims.  How can you control crime or the impulse to commit it without having to infringe on other freedoms?  You can’t!  Man’s only answer to sin is to lockdown everyone; the good and the bad, the model citizen and the deviant.  I guess that leaves the angels to govern.  What you create is more sinister than what you are trying to prevent.   You eliminate all that is good while elevating all that is evil.  George Orwell’s, 1984 is a great example of that. Conversely, God has set out a plan of salvation that trumpets freedom and liberty for everyone.  He offers noninvasive heart surgery to correct the conflicts that burden men with lust and licentiousness.  The perfect law of liberty is simple and just.  Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. That’s it. It really is a no-brainer.  There is no man made solution for humanity.  The non-solutions that have been experienced have all led to further tyranny and death.   Just consider Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pot, Mussolini.  But, here in the United States of America where the Gospel has flourished men are free and their lives better than that ever experienced in all the world.  We would do well to remember and restore God’s place in our lives.  Albert Einstein said it best, “When the solution is simple, God is answering”.

-Star Pitre

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