The Young & The Wreckless

What is happening to this generation of black people?  I’m talking about the those born after 1980.  This question may come across as offensive to some and overdue to others. But regardless of what school of thought you are in you have probably noticed a very disturbing trend of vile behavior happening in the black race. And, just in case you haven’t…*WARNING* Explicit Content

I could post numerous videos with this type of content. So much so that it would probably leave no room to write. The most heartbreaking thing about these types of videos is not what you see; It is what’s missing. It’s the absence of shame. That people of any race could behave just a notch above animals in a zoo and display no sense of shame is frightening and may be a harbinger of things to come. Shame is an important feature for any person or people.  It uniquely stamps our humanity. It means that you have knowledge of right and wrong.  It acknowledges the difference between civility and barbarism. So when people boldly perform egregious acts one has to question whether we are losing a grip on what those things mean. There will never be a shortage of shameful deeds among human beings. However when vile behavior is no longer checked by a sense of embarrassment we are headed toward social degeneration. The fact that there can be a celebration (even a pretentious display) of pride over the acts contained in these videos is proof that somewhere along the way there has been a severe disconnect from conscience and the proud legacy of champions that conquered discrimination and racism with dignity and self respect.

With behavior this uncivilized it is no wonder we fall behind in almost every economic indicator and have the highest illegitimacy rate in the nation. No government can correct what we see here. No amount of reparations and penance for the past by another race can heal this gaping wound. This is a crisis only blacks themselves can address. The words of Dr. King decades ago hold a chilling relevance for today.

martin-luther-king-jr“We must not let the fact that we are the victims of injustice lull us into abrogating responsibility for our own lives. We must not use our oppression as an excuse for mediocrity and laziness. Our crime rate is far too high. Our level of cleanliness is frequently far too low. We are too often loud and boisterous, and spend far too much on drink. By improving our standards here and now, we will go a long way toward breaking down the arguments of the segregationist…. The Negro will only be free when he reaches down to the inner depths of his own being and signs with the pen and ink of assertive manhood his own emancipation proclamation.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “A Testament of Hope”

Perhaps Dr. Kings words speak to the root of what has gone terribly wrong in our generation. We have let our history of oppression become an excuse for mediocrity and laziness. This generation has been schooled in so much of the gospel of victimhood that they feel entitled to behave how they want to. It is a testament to the power of indoctrination that a generation that has never lived one moment under Jim Crow laws or racist terrorism can be more entitled than the generations that experienced those cruelties firsthand. Far too often our young people are being told every reason why they can’t and not enough about why they can. And since none of us can rise above the level of our own expectations it can be said they are being artificially programed to fail. The black race, and all of civilization for that matter, has moved forward by the simple notion of desiring for the next generation to live better than the previous. This sentiment led to sacrifices, and the willingness to pass down knowledge and ethics over the generations. But, today we are witnessing for the first time a generation living solely for themselves. Which leaves us to ponder the future with great trepidation.

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