Podcast #004: Microsoft, Voting Rights, Equality

Lebron James Sets Pick On His Own Teammate

Microsoft Is ‘Coaching’ NFL Announcers Not To Call The Surface An Ipad

Jay Cutler Calls NFL’s Microsoft Surface Tablets ‘knockoff Ipads’

Jesse Jackson: Tech Diversity is Next Civil Rights Step

Twitter Has Massive Diversity Problem and These Two Charts Prove It

Building a Twitter We Can Be Proud Of

We Can All Complain About Diversity In Tech… Or We Can Do Something About It Like Kathryn Finney

Federal Judge: Texas Voter ID Law Unconstitutional

Texas Voter ID Law Blocked By Federal Judge

Study Finds Strong Evidence For Discriminatory Intent Behind Voter ID Laws

24 Things That Require Photo ID

Mexico’s National Voter ID Laws Part of Culture

White House Petition To Ban Flights From Ebola-Stricken Nations Gathers Steam

Have the FAA Ban All Incoming and Outgoing Flights To Ebola-Stricken Countries…

Ebola Travel Ban: Can U.S. Just Shut Out The Virus?

The Jewish Phenomenon by Steven Silbiger

7 Keys to the Enduring Wealth Of A People

1. Understand That Real Wealth Is Portable; Its Knowledge

2. Take Care Of Your Own And They Will Take Care Of You

3. Successful People Are Professionals And Entreprenuers

4. Develop Your Verbal Confidence

5. Be Selectively Extravagant And Prudently Frugal

6. Celebrate Individuality: Encourage Creativity

7. Have Something to Prove: A Drive To Succeed


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