Podcast #005 #Abortion #Houston Pastors #Grisham

John Grisham Apologizes For Saying Not All Men Who Watch Child Porn Are Pedophiles

Pedophilia: Bringing Dark Desires To Light

The View’s Rosie O’Donnell Wants Police To Search John Grisham’s Computer For Child Porn

I Am Getting An Abortion Next Friday.  An Open Letter To The Little Life I Won’t Get To Meet

Young Mom Writes Heartbreaking Letter To Her Unborn Baby: ‘I Am Getting An Abortion Next Friday’

Attorney General of Texas, Governor Greg Abbott Letter to City Attorney, City of Houston, David Feldman

Ted Cruz Tells Brody Files: “Real Risk” of Pastors Being Jailed For Preaching Against Homosexuality

Sen. Cruz Criticizes Houston Over Sermon Subpoenas

 City of Houston Demands Pastors Turn Over Sermons

Houston To Pastors: OK, We Don’t Need Your Sermons, but You Still Have to Hand Over Your Speeches

Weekly Address:  What You Need To Know About Ebola

Rand Paul: Ebola Is “Not Like AIDS”

An Ebola Travel Ban Would Be Completely Unprecedented: Here’s Why

Why The Safety of The American People Takes Second Place To The Goal of Helping People Overseas

 Ebola Monitoring Inconsistent As Virus Spreads

General: US Troops Who Contract Ebola Will Be Quarantined

 Ebola Travel Restrictions Vary From Country To Country

Amid Assurance On Ebola, Obama Is Said To Seeth


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