Podcast #007 #GoVote, #MidTerm Election #Patriotism #Gal3:26-28


Star Spangled Banner by Whitney Houston (audio)

Carl Lewis National Anthem (video)

Government Waste Includes Swedish massages for rabbits, monkey gambling lessons

Coburn’s 2014 Wastebook: A $25 Billion Taxpayer Loss

Wastebook 2014:  What Washington Doesn’t Want You To Read

CNN Criticizes Rangel Over GOP Belief ‘Slavery Isn’t Over’ Comments

Landrieu: Obama And I Aren’t Popular In The South Because Its Racist and Sexist

Dems Laying The Groundwork To Blame 2014 Losses On Race

Democratic Race-Baiting Is The Ugly Face of Political Desperation In 2014

 Alex Wagner OK With Racial Fear  Tactics




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