Podcast #009 #Justice, #Homelessness, #Islam, #Myles Munroe


SHOW NOTES (11/18/2014)

Ferguson Girds for More Unrest With Grand Jury Decision

Saying It Is Making Situation Better, KKK Warns Ferguson Protestors It Will Use “Lethal Force”

Black Males Murder Five Year Old White Girl In Milwaukee.  No National Outrage.

Obama Met With Ferguson Activists – Said He’s Concerned They “Stay On Course”

New Report:  Child Homelessness On The Rise In U.S.

California Plastic Bag Ban

What’s Wrong With California

That’s Rich:  Poverty Level Under Obama Breaks 50-year Record

[Watch] Islam Invades House Floor – Imam Leads Representatives In Opening Prayer to Allah

Washington Cathedral’s First Muslim Prayer Service Interrupted By Heckler

Muslim Brotherhood Overruns National Cathedral In DC

Woman Takes A Stand And Interrupts The Muslim Prayers At The National Cathedral

Report: Persecution of Christians Reveals Most Abuse In Muslim Countries

Man Arrested For Impersonating Jesus, Massive OUTRAGE Ensues

Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife, Ruth, both perished in a plane crash that claimed a total of 9 lives. Dr. Munroe and his wife were both prolific teachers in the Body of Christ, and built a earth shaking ministry that has impacted millions of people around the world.   If you haven’t heard him teach then we want to afford you that opportunity.  Without a doubt, the Munroes ministry will live on.

The Qualities Of A Good Man – Dr. Myles Munroe

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.” – Myles Munroe



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