Podcast #012 #Eric Garner Case, #Race, #Leadership, #Isaiah 3:1-8


LAPD To Search Hefner Estate During Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Investigation

NYC Grand Jury Expected To Vote Next Wednesday in Eric Garner Case: Sources

BREAKING:  BLACK FEMALE Police Sergeant Supervised Eric Garner’s Deadly Arrest

Black Female NYPD Sergeant Watched Eric Garner Die

10 Things You Need To Know About The Cop In The Eric Garner Case

11 Facts About the Eric Garner Case The Media Won’t Tell You

Obama Reacts To Eric Garner Decision: ‘This Is An American Problem”

This Legislation Could Stop The Next Eric Garner Tragedy In New York

Tamir Rice’s Sister Handcuff After Shooting, Mom Says

Cleveland Cop Who Shot 12-Year-Old Slammed For “Immaturity” On Past Job

Tamir Rice: Police Release Video Of 12-Year-Old’s Fatal Shooting (video)

Tamir Rice, 12, Shot Dead By Cleveland Cop Who Had ‘Dismal’ Gun Skills And ‘Weepy’ Demeanor At Previous Police Department

Notre Dame’s ‘White Privilege Seminar’: Racist Indoctrination or Education?

Sharpton: If You Want Black Men To Take Care Of Their Families, Give Them Training And Jobs (video)

Columbia Law School Lets Students Postpone Exams Due To Grand Jury Decisions

Isaiah 3:1-8





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